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About Us

We are a volunteer collective of individual eco-warriors and eco-retailers passionate about changing the menstrual hygiene landscape in India by advocating and building awareness on sustainable menstrual hygiene practices and management solutions that are safe for our bodies, safe for the environment, safe for the sanitation workers and reduce the burden on our waste disposal systems. Our aim is to improve women’s health and ultimately public health through sustainable menstrual practices.

About The Campaign

Green The Red is a campaign that was launched at Bengaluru Pinkathon 2017. The campaign promotes awareness on the reusable options for menstrual hygiene management. We hold sessions at corporate offices, schools, communities, Aanganwadis and public events. The campaign has the support of KSPCB. We aim to engage with the government and influence changes at policy level for the promotion of sustainable menstrual hygiene options only.

Join the Community

1. Follow us on our "Green the Red" FB page where we post the latest on the campaign, articles on sustainable menstruation, funny memes and updates on the campaign.

2. Join the "Menstrual Cup, Cloth Pads (MCCP)" FB community to meet other women who have made the switch and discuss all things sustainable menstruation.

3. Follow us on other Social Media accounts

4. Share these resources with your friends.

Get Involved / How Can You Help

1. If you haven't already done so, please switch to the reusable, sustainable alternatives mentioned here. Make use of the resources given on this website and the community of women on social media who will help you every step of the way.

2. Talk to the women (and men) you know about these alternatives to disposable menstrual products that are better for them and the environment. Most women - even urban, educated women - are unaware of these options and are shocked when they come to know of them.

3. Talk to your office Facilities team to print "Green the Red" posters and post them in the ladies' loos in your office. It is an effective way to get a woman's undivided attention for a few minutes. You can find these posters here.

4. You can run your own sustainable menstruation awareness sessions in your office or your community. Use the materials in this link for your sessions. 

5. Reach out to us if you want our help in running an awareness session. Write to us at and we will be glad to help. 

Get Involved
Join the Community
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