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Inter - labia Pads

Inter-labia pads (as the name suggests) are worn between the labia (folds of skin at vaginal opening) to catch the menstrual flow and must be used along with a cloth pad or a menstrual cup.


They come in a leaf-like shape, are a lot smaller and thinner than a panty liner. They do not have any leak-proof later. They are designed to avoid leaks during heavy flow or flow with clots in it. By using an inter-labia pad along with a cloth pad, you can significantly increase the time you can wear your cloth pads.



Inter-labia pads above pantyliners provide comfort, discretion, and a different way of catching flow before it leaks for those who tend to “gush”. They prevent your cloth pads leaking from the sides or wings.

These can also be used by women with mild or light incontinence - people who face slight urine leaks while coughing, farting, sneezing, laughing, etc., or women who have a weak pelvic floor tone due to giving natural child birth.

Where can I buy it?

Available on SochGreen, HygieneAndYou and Amazon.

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