Period Panties

Period panties are designed to catch your menstrual flow or mild urine leaks and are leak-proof.


They can be worn alone or as a backup to your menstrual cup. They also come with loops that can hold an extra insert to adjust the absorbency. If you keep changing the inserts regularly, you can wear the same panty all day.


Period panties comes with adjustable absorbency. They are ideal for women with light, moderate or heavy flow. The absorbent pad is stitched on the panty so you don't need to worry about the pad moving and staining. As the insert pad is removable, the panty does not feel bulky and gives a snug fit.

If you are worried that your menstrual cup may get full at night and start to leak, this is the perfect solution for you.

Where to buy​


Available on SochGreenHygieneAndYou and Amazon

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