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The Greener Doctrine - Sustainable Menstrual Health Awareness for Doctors

It has been one and half years since we started Green the Red and what a journey it has been! This volunteer led campaign has come a long way and has helped many women to move from disposable sanitary napkins to sustainable options, be it cloth pads or a menstrual cups. While we are happy that sustainable options such as the cup has empowered many women and helped them experience rash free, economical and trash free periods, we are often faced with one question, "Do gynaecologists approve of a menstrual cup?" Unfortunately, we have so far not been able to answer that with a definite "Yes”. In fact, we have found that many doctors in the medical profession are not aware of the existence of such options and generally advise against using either menstrual cups or cloth pads. It became quite apparent to us that we should reach out to the medical fraternity and garner their support too.

In the month leading up to the World Menstrual Hygiene Day, from April 28th to May 28th, Green The Red is launching a month long awareness initiative for doctors - "The Greener Doctrine". This initiative is for the medical fraternity, to highlight the new age sustainable products available for handling menstruation in a healthier, more hygienic and eco-friendly manner. Sessions will be taken by the doctors for the doctors. This campaign is supported by FOGSI, public awareness committee.The presentation, FAQs etc can be found in a shared drive here.

Our intent is to make this campaign reach as many doctors as possible, pan-India, via the doctors who have generously decided to be part of this and donate their time and effort towards spreading awareness about sustainable choices for menstruation. Here's wishing a successful "Green" path to the “Greener Doctrine” campaign!

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